The imprisonments in concentracion camps are the most inhuman act of  behaviour  characterizing a european civilisation of last decade of past millenium.

Concentracion camps are places where human rights and law were breached constantly along with systematic degradation of Code of Ethics. There people were taking into custody because of ethnic, religious or political afiliation in virtue of no legal proceedings. It was just a free will of  serbian police and army authorities.  The social and personal identity were destoying constantly. It means that housing, nutritional, health and  hygienic conditions were at the lowest level at all. Camp inmates were treated as any less valuable object which should be used until the final destruction. The main reason for torturing and killing camp inmates is attributable to the ethnic cleansing.



Hence we accepted we are not more than numbers which may or may not surrvive. Those responsible for establishing and conducting of serbian concentracion camps were consisted of JNA officers and soldiers, SUP police, SAO Krajina police, Serbian TO units and various paramilitary formations.

Camp inmates were defenders but also chidren, wimen and elderly people. Serbian aggressor was distroying and burning houses, killing or taking into custody to serbian concentracion camps many of men, wimen and children. Those concentracion camps were situated on occupied teritories of Republic of Croatia, Republic of Serbia and Monte Negro and Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More than 300.000 persons were imprisoned in various ways during transition from a few days to a month. In serbian concentracion camps were imprisoned about of 8.000 persons-men, wimen, children and elderly people. An interment lasted from two days to two years or even more. After arriving into camps people were tied up with wire, plastic stripes or cord. They were beaten in places so called “corridor” set by policemen, soldiers and civilians, by using of wooden or iron sticks, posts, chains or with rifle butts. It caused numerous bone fractures, concussions of the brain, open wounds which caused death in many cases.

Camp inmates were exposed to phyisical and mental torturing. There were many raping of both men and wimen. The youngest raped victim was a five years old girl and the oldest was an eighty years old woman.

In regard of evidence of HDLSKL over 30% of camp inmates lost his lives in serbian concentracion camps ( Some concentracion camps are not recognised by authorities of Republic of  Croatia ). Causes of death of camp inmates are various from severe violence to torturing that has been executed by camp guards, JNA officers, members of KOS, military investigators, high ranking military individuals and even vagrants occasionally.

Those tortured and murdered persons need to be found as soon as possible and burried with reverence. Many of us who survived torture in camps, suffer of phyisical and mental disorders.

So many mothers are crying on graves of their hero sons. So many mothers do not know where the graves are. How to comfort them or relieve the pain of tragedies caused by serbian aggression? How to help those who need it?  How to forget all tragedies?

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Our association is established in 1995. with aim to gather confined persons and camp inmates together into united association which is trying to improve all aspects of theirs lives as well as providing members with psychological and social help.

Also we are helping members to obtain all kinde of social and law protection. In our activities we will connect to other international camp inmate federations and similar associations worldwide. We are collecting relevant data of  former concentracion camps, where they were situated, ascertaining of number of confined persons, ethnic affiliations, place of living, kinde of tortures, names of torturers etc.

An association will promote the truth on concentracion camps and places where mass violation of human rights has been commited on civilians and defenders.

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